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From the mountains of Montana to the stages of the world these unique ballet siblings have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of classical ballet and the arts surrounding it.  Created for the four siblings, Maria Sascha Khan, Nadia Khan, Julian MacKay and Nicholas MacKay dance in this world premiere presented by the Theatrum Vitae Cultural Platform.

"Warrior of Light" is an excerpt of the upcoming full-length ballet (2019) on the life of Russian painter and philosopher Nicholas Roerich.  A Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Roerich believed beauty is a "force that can bring nations together".  His vision was that through the universal language of beauty, art and culture we may come together as one - a message that was never more relevant than it is today.


World Premiere February 25th, 2018 London Coliseum


Creative Concept: Teresa Khan MacKay

Choreography: Julian MacKay and Nicholas MacKay

Music: Original score by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud and Cedric Baravaglio

Costume Design: Teresa Khan MacKay

Backdrops: Nicholas Roerich's original paintings (Courtesy Nicholas Roerich Museum, NYC), calligraphy 


"In Beauty we are United, in Beauty we Pray, with Beauty we Conquer."

- Nicholas Roerich 

The scene opens with Roerich giving his morning prayer, and entering his studio to complete work on three canvases.
Join him as he paints to life his view of the world, from bringing Hope with the rising morning sun and the beauty of nature, to the rumblings of War, and the resolution of all pain through the loving Heart of the Mother of the World.

There are three parts to the excerpt.

Song of the Morning (1920) 
Nicholas Roerich: Nicholas MacKay 
Indian Maiden: Nadia Khan

Dorje the Daring One (1925)
Warrior of Light: Julian MacKay

Mother of the World (1924) 
Veiled Beauty: Maria Sascha Khan

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